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Sound Catchers

Interactive | Dance | Percussion | Street Performance


Sound Catchers received Arts Council England funding to carry out a Research and Development project 'Creative Technologies, Participation and Dramaturgy' over 2023-2024





Sound Catchers delivers performances, workshops and studio talks.

We love to explore new ideas and ways of working so get in touch if you have an idea of how we can work together.


We can perform with a cast of between 4-7. This can extend with the addition of a community cast of between 6-12 people. The show is designed for outdoor spaces including urban and Greenfield sites. The performance format is designed to respond flexibly to different performance sites and situations. We can perform in a static area, roam, or feature as part of a procession. We are self-sufficient in terms of pa and power requirements.


Previous performances include:

Nottingham Light Night 2024 @ Broadway

Broad Street, Nottingham 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Beeston Light Night 2022 & 2023

Derby Festé 2023

Grimsby Creates Noise 2022

Applause Rural Touring 2022/2023


Workshops and 
Studio Talks

Our workshops explore the relationship between dance and music, improvisation, dramaturgy and rhythm work for percussionists and dancers. We can also integrate aspects of working with creative technologies, using wearable tech props to generate sound and light in response to movement. 


A community cast performance workshop offer will be available from January 2024 to coincide with booking a performance.


We have delivered practical workshops for Nasa UK and Phoenix Arts in Leicester.


As well as practical participatory workshops, we also deliver Studio Talks that share our creative process journey in relationship to working with creative technologies, and developing the dramaturgy of an outdoor arts show that uses improvisation, co-creation and inclusive participation in the dramaturgy of the work.

We have delivered studio talks for Near Now Studio in Nottingham and you can see the most recent one streamed here.

Join us for another Studio Talk and Work at Near Now Studios @ Broadway, Nottingham Wednesday 10th January 1:00 - 4:00 PM

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